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Top 5 Websites for Gay Surfing(yes, I said GAY surfing)

 A few days ago I ran across this webpost, it somehow described one of the typical scenarios that most of Lesbians or anybody who's Gay would come across at some point of their lives (especially when you are somewhere in Asia). The inconvenient truth was sugar coated with humor by the author, which by the way made it really interesting to read. Kudos to Katrina Casino (the Author, and I hope she doesn't mind me using her name for credits, but I think she deserves it) for doing a great job with that post. Go check it out now, it's awesome! Click Here

Coming out of the closet is basically one of the hardest things to do,and (wait, there's more!) you basically do it every time you meet someone new. Well, it's kinda' weird just blurting out, "Hi, I'm Dale. I'm Gay", it doesn't really happen like that (if it does you'll have that awkward silence, and that long "O-kaaay" from that person you were talking with), but really, I wish it was that easy. It's one thing coming out to your friends or peers, but it's a much tougher scenario doing it to your family (especially when you have that crazy culture going on). Sadly, when you are in a very conservative society, both ways are almost impossible to do.

Personally, I feel ridiculous screaming out that I'm gay, or the thought of explaining myself to everybody that I get to meet. Well, I don't feel the need to, but honestly I'm gay and proud so sometimes I go nuts with it. I don't have a screaming H-O-M-O written on my forehead, but I get bugged a lot with homophobes (so yeah, to all of you ignorant folks out there, it's a mutual feeling). It hasn't always been the case, and I used to really feel bad about myself. In time I became more comfortable with myself and I sort of used it on my advantage and returned the favor of making them uncomfortable with my sexuality, (ex. Mouthing "I'm gay" to a homophobe across the lunch room -seriously I don't really do that, I might though :) )

I feel really lucky that at this point I am really comfortable under my skin, but I wish I didn't have to feel like killing myself a few years ago (which makes me feel totally LAME by the way). Given that I grew up in a very conservative society where Gay Communities felt like underground societies and secret clubs it has really been hard, and for most of the people there it still is.  I wish I got to see Pride Parades, LGBT communities protesting for equal rights in my country just like here in US, but let's face it anywhere in the world someone is having a hard time and we all have our own struggles, even here. Ohhh, by the way I grew up in the Philippines, yes I am a Filipino, so Katrina Casino we must be related! :) (You'd probably not get that joke if you haven't read her post, so go now and read it HERE) You might not still get it, but go figure! :D
I wish I had forums or anything in the internet or somewhere that would help me express myself, and not feel alone before. Honestly, not having someone to really share my feelings made me confused with my own confusion before, I don't know if that made sense but glad it's over. Lucky for you guys, it does exist now and there's so much in the web you can read, ask, or  just basically there are so many resources out there for you gays...guys. :)  I'm going to share the Top 5 Websites/Forums (now we're talking, my title probably makes sense now!) that comes to my mind about Gay Surfing (I don't really know who invented that term, I guess I did, probably not,  so just go with it or NOT or maybe YES, YES sounds nice!) So here they are:

1.) Everyone is - This is a really nice website, you can get FUN advices from here. Also, you really won't get bored with Dannielle and Kristin, they are really cool. Like ICE COLD! (okay that's cheesy) OHH, check out their formspring too :AdviceMyAss

2.) - It's a nice resource for Lezzies, you can get updates, probably the best thing about it is you get to meet people with the same interests, and you get to share your thoughts.

3.)AutoStraddle-Girl-on-World - You can find interesting webposts here, basically what it says, Girl-on-World, its not about everything lesbian, it's about being a girl, well mostly also about being lesbian too (duh!). So yeah it's a nice resource.

4.) Lesbians Who Look Like Justin Bieber - Honestly, I am not a fan of JB, but this is just hilarious (I don't mean that to offend anyone) FYI this was founded by Dannielle, yeah the same Dannielle from Everyone is So here's a bit of knowledge about this site. Qouted from (AdviceMyAss):

What's with Danielle's obsession w/ Justin Bieber?
Dannielle Says: RIGHT?!!? WHAT A BITCH.
Kristin Says: He looks like a lesbian. So, that is funny. And she started this funny site about it. GET IT?

5.) That is So Gay - The truth is, judging by the title, I kinda' felt like it was sorta' offending, and some contents are (well, sorta') offending. If you're kinda' sensitive about being gay or something, then I guess you can cross this out of your list. But really it doesn't really bug me, so I'm having fun with it.

I'm pretty sure there are tons of other websites out there that I don't know existed, but in my own opinion these are the ones I find most interesting. If you want to share a little knowledge about websites you like, drop me a line on my comment box. Just please don't spam it, I hate those dating websites spam! : |

Enjoy you gays...guys! Anyway, I kinda' felt in the end that the title I used is kinda' inappropriate, and the links I gave were mostly Lesbian Websites, rather than LGBT websites. I'll try to find more LGBT sites soon. To the rest of the LGBT people, I apologize,  I do not intend to have any of you left out. See you in the next blog!

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the pictures in this blog, and I do not intend copyright infringement. I am not directly or in any way affiliated with the links above.

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  1. wow, this help... i'm having a hard time coming out of the closet, imagine i'm 26 and still a closet case, i'm scared of how my family is going to react and because of the kind of my profession it's really hard for me to be myself...